Friday, August 14, 2009

Kobe Plays a 14 Year Old Kid at His Summer Camp

At Kobe's summer camp, all the kids sent a postcard wanting to get a 1-on-1 game with Kobe and the lucky kid in the movie got his challenge. You already know, if your a Kobe fan, he never backs down from a challenge. So Kobe and the kid decided to play to 5. As I watched the video, I was laughing at the fact that Kobe was playing this kid as if he was in a real NBA game. He kept posting up the kid to the basket and obviously scored real easy. Surprisingly, the kid managed to get a few blocks and rips in (maybe Kobe let him do that). Well as we all know, the kid lost the game without scoring any points and before Kobe left, the kid said that if Kobe goes to LeBron's camp, that he would lose. Kobe laughed and said that no one is gonna dunk on me at my own camp!!! Beat that LeBron!! Please comment your thoughts

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