Thursday, August 13, 2009

Is Kobe better than Michael?

This argument has been goin on for some time now about Kobe being better than the legendary Michael Jordan. Now I have to admit, even though from a statisical standpoint Michael is better than Kobe, what about skill? You can't deny that Kobe is just as good as Michael was and even shoots better than Michael did. Even though I'm only 19 years old, I watched old film of Michael back in his prime and I would be crazy to say that he isn't one of the best players to ever play in the league. One thing I noticed about Michael that's different than Kobe and vice versa: Kobe can shoot the ball under pressure defense better than Mike and Mike was a better inside scorer than Kobe. Even Phil Jackson said that Kobe had better skills that Michael Jordan in this videoEven though its kinda though to say, I guess we'll have to wait until Kobe retires to compare stats. What are your thoughts?

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